患有先天性心脏病, he’s lifting himself and using his talents to help others in the same battle.

健康的心脏 | 9月. 27, 2021

嘘. 安静的现在.

听到这个消息? 这是微弱的. 但当你把它锁起来时,就不会弄错了.

坐着 科尔比新郎 在加州北部湛蓝的天空下, the rolling hills of his family's vineyard stretching off into the distance, 一排排的葡萄, 在时间, become barrels of good wine bottled up to do millions of good for others, 葡萄藤整齐的线条, 以自己的方式明确无误, of the ups and downs of how far he's come and how far he still has to go. This place, right now, you believe it's what they had in mind when they made the word "picturesque."

这是他, 和他父母讨论他来这里的原因, 他为什么要这么做,他下一步想做什么.


但嘘. Because if you listen closely, you'll always know what makes him tick.


科尔比·格鲁姆生来就有双尖主动脉瓣. You don't have to be a surgeon to understand from context that's not what you want. Indeed, it's not the way the aortic valve's three flaps are supposed to form.


科尔比出生后不久, 我们得到了三个字母的单词,我们称之为:冠心病,达里尔表示:“, 他的父亲, 宁愿他从未听说过它的名字.

冠心病. 先天性心脏缺陷.

降压药也无济于事. 随着Colby的心脏问题恶化, 他的增长放缓, 他只是…累了, 在一年级, 他的健康状况开始恶化.

是时候. 手术.

一个小的心. 一个大的突破. 一生的可能性.

第一项手术——冠状动脉造影——没有帮助. 他需要再做一次手术, this time to place a mechanical heart valve to fix his bicuspid aortic valve.

"We decided that the best course of action was for Colby to have the 阿伯特机械心瓣达里尔说:“. “我们知道他可以过正常的生活."

"I can only think of the strength of so many who go through more than two — three, 四个, 五年的手术,”科尔比说. "But hearing you have to go in again for a second one, was extremely difficult."


But his life was limited: Socially, athletically, all the ways so many kids want.

他的精神崩溃了. 对这么年轻的孩子来说,这太难以承受了.


"Whilst Colby's physical recovery was progressing as it should have, 他的整个情感, 精神康复是一件更困难的事情,”丽莎说, 他妈妈. “他非常害怕."

“我听到他在床上哭,”达里尔说. “他只是说,‘爸爸,我在梯子的最底层. 我不喜欢这样.'"


Like any journey, that climb would take a first step, and then a second.


你不是一个人. 你从不孤单.
For his parents, the most important thing was getting Colby feeling better. Beyond taking care of his heart, that included making sure he wasn't feeling alone.

授予, it's hard to make small talk about your heart troubles on the playground when you're in elementary school. It just doesn't work that way in 四个th grade, even with friends who genuinely care but just don't 得到它 同样地.

所以, when his folks connected him with others in similar situations — when the door opened to a community he had no idea existed — there was no doubt Colby had found where he belonged. 父母是澳大利亚人, 我住在美国, 周围都是这么做的人,还有其他孩子 得到它 在各方面.


To 恢复自己. 来帮助他们.



他筹集资金, offering a dollar-a-listen for people to catch the click-click of his heart valve at work. 他曾与一名美国外交官共事.S. representative from Minnesota requesting $4 million in federal funding for congenital heart disease research. 他自愿参加了 儿童心脏基金会. 他是 美国心脏协会's Young Adult Board and sits on the AHA's Diversity and Inclusion task force and advocacy board.

达里尔, 几乎充满骄傲, tells the story of Colby giving a speech to an AHA audience and receiving a standing ovation. 对一个当时还不到11岁的年轻人来说,这可是件大事.


他是从最底层起步的. After a ribbon-cutting for a heart valve event to bring more awareness to his situation and those living with the same, Colby告诉他的父亲:“我觉得我已经爬上了梯子."

他是攀爬. 第一步导致第二步.


新郎一家是葡萄酒世家. 达里尔 was a renowned maker in his homeland — both at his own vineyard and with Penfolds — before coming Stateside.


One day when he was in fifth grade, Colby came to his parents with a modest proposal.

“爸爸妈妈,我们是酿酒家族,”科尔比宣称. 他在他的土地上打桩,打算种点什么东西. “我们为什么不酿制一种葡萄酒来帮助像我这样的孩子?'"

很好的问题. 达里尔 had one of his own for Colby: "Why do you want to do this so badly?"



“所以我们出发去买些葡萄,”达里尔说. “我们打算做两桶酒,筹集500美元."

和科尔比? 达里尔说:“他笑得很开心。.

因此诞生了 科尔比红, "a flavorful California cuvée of Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Shiraz, Merlot and Petite Sirah."


“剩下的都是历史了,”丽莎说. 从想要筹集500美元让我们都感觉良好到, 目前, closing in on the $2 million mark is a pretty amazing achievement."

“还有很多事情要做,”Colby说. "I love to do what I can to fundraise for new research and technologies to make the next kid's life easier. If I can make it easier on one family to make it easier to understand what their kid is going through, 这些都是值得的."

总是另一个步骤. 科尔比,攀爬. 科尔比红,爬. 多亏了这两件事,像Colby这样的孩子振作了起来.


在…的鼎盛时期 新型冠状病毒肺炎, Colby于2020年5月从Loyola Marymount大学毕业, 距离他家整整七个小时的车程, 拥有历史和政治学学位.

他的下一站看起来像是法学院,但是, 就像他和每个人的生活一样, “这是一项正在进行的工作."

That's 真正的 of his mechanical valve, which will need to be replaced eventually. Just a side effect of living a long and healthy time after such a scary start.

而达里尔讨厌这个名字,记住, "the 3-letter word we call it: 冠心病" — the sun is shining on Colby, the cloud that hung over the start of his life now off in the distance. "The biggest prize达里尔说:“, "is watching him growing into the incredible man he is today."

正如Colby告诉他妈妈的那样, "I'm actually OK that I was born with heart disease because otherwise, 我们就不会踏上这段旅程了. 这让我成为了一个更好的人."

这就是科尔比·格鲁姆, 天生就有先天性心脏缺陷(对不起,达里尔), 提升自己, leaning on his family's resources and putting his talents to work to raise money to improve the lives of others, 无数次.

就是这样. 这正是科尔比·格鲁姆的魅力所在.


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